Thursday, July 14, 2011

|| Decision ||

Life is all about DECISION
Every time, we have to decide
we have to choose
we have to select
which way we want to go

and each way we select
will bring us different

Every time I select
I felt guilty for not to choose the other one
I'm so sorry.

When I not choose the other ways,
It is not that I dislike them,
It is just
I have to choose this way.

"NERACA apakah yg kamu gunakan utk membuat pertimbangan?"

Neraca Islam?
Neraca akal?
Neraca hati?

Fikir2kan (^_^)

Sorry to my parents, abg wan and kaklong. Cannot join this week. Really want to go.
Tapi keadaan kurg mengizinkan.

~Post without picture~


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