Thursday, June 18, 2009

:: Sunblock & Sunscreen ::


Lusa aku akan gi OBS kat lumut.Setelah 2 sesi OBS berakhir,tibalah mase utk sesi aku lak.Waa....xsabar nye rase. :P

Setelah 2 sesi berakhir,aku de tanye dak2 ni pasal OBS.Bnde pertama dan plg penting yg diorg sebut mesti.... SUNBLOCK. So,kat bawah ni ade skit artikel pasal sunblock dan sunscreen. Mari bace....


Sunburns leave skin red, cracked, dry, and without treatment can cause serious irritation and discomfort. The best way to prevent sunburns is to wear sunscreen, this will also work to prevent skin cancer. However, if you have already been sunburned, sunscreen can also be used as a skin moisturizer and to protect the skin from further damage. There are also products officially marketed as a skin moisturizer that will work better than sunscreen, but won’t protect against UV rays. Vaseline works well as a skin moisturizer for extreme cases of sunburn, but in such cases it may also be wise to consult a physician.

Sunburn can be the cause for the development of serious medical conditions, so it’s best to avoid it whenever possible. Tempting as it is to go outside without applying sunscreen, in this day and age, it’s risky.

Most people use the terms sunblock and sunscreen interchangeably. They are not the same though.

Sunscreens absorb ultraviolet light so that it doesn't reach your skin.

On the other hand, sunblock physically blocks the sun's UV rays. This includes sunblock with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Although they work well, they are messy, are usually opaque (you can see them), and so are typically only used on small areas of a person's body, like their nose, ears, or cheeks. Fortunately, newer sunblocks are invisible, just like sunscreen. In fact, many products contain both a sunscreen and a sunblock.

Sunblock has the added benefit over sunscreen of blocking UVA rays, in addition to UVB rays. Unfortunately, many products are labeled as being sunblock, but are actually just sunscreen. If you really want a sunblock for your child, look for sunblock ingredients, including titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

|| Sunburn ||

Broad Spectrum UV Protection

You can get UVA protection without a sunblock though. There are sunscreens that block UVA rays too, including those with aveobenzone, oxybenzone, and octocrylene.

Keep in mind that many experts have a problem with using the term 'sunblock' at all, since no product really blocks all of the sun's rays. In fact, even your clothing lets some of the sun's rays reach your body. For example, wearing a regular cotton T-shirt is comparable to having a sunscreen with SPF 5 on your skin.


So,inilah kisahnya.Aku pun xbape paham sebenarnye.hehe.yg aku paham.sunblock ngan sunscreen ni bnde yg berlainan.Kite selalu sebut sunblock je.tapi actually ade gak term sunscreen yg mane function nye berlainan sedikit.papepun,dua2 ni protect dr sunburn.
Cuma,di suggest cari sunblock yg btul2 berkesan ialah yg mengandungi samada titanium dioxide atau zinc oxide.

Papepun,kite usaha je utk mengurangkan kesan sunburn. Camne pun akan ade efek gak.kan2.
So,utk mengelak sunburn,antare usaha yg leh kite wat adalah :

1- Pakai sunblock/sunscreen cream.
2- Pakai baju lengan panjang,seluar panjang,kasut sukan.
3- Pakai sarung tangan.
4- Pakai cap atau topi.
5- last sekali, jgn pi berjemur.senang citer.duk umah diam2. :P

|| Aloe vera is an incredibly soothing salve for burns of all kinds (including sunburn). Just break off a leaf and apply the gel inside to the burn. ||

P/s: Jarang pakai sunblock nih.Tapi ni la peluang kan nk merase. :P

Sehingga kini.

Wassalam (^_^)


azrul said...

mmade kawan aku tuh..
nie cakap camnie..
"korang ade sunburn tak?aku takur kene sunblock dow!!"



sunburn kalu puteri lilin lg truk..
abis merah2 muke...

n way ejouy ur OBS..

beliamuda said...

selamat berOBS~~

princess irda said...

azrul: hahaha. gle sala istilah tuh..

btw nas happy OBS..

pkt sunscreen yg ad sunblock.. digalakkan spf 50. klw 15 xde efek pun ko pky ke x :P

brand xkesah. mentholatum pun ade. waterproof pun ade. haa pilih2

Nash said...

azrul :: erk...mmg mengarut.mmg le xde la kompius antare sunburn ngan sumblock.hahaha :P

Acap & Beliau :: Tq2.

Irda :: Hehe...okes.good info.Nanti aku cari. (^_^)